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Important Information about Mortgage Interest Rate Changes

As you may be aware, the European Central Bank (ECB) recently announced a series of increases to the European Central Bank Base Rate (ECB Base Rate).

Tracker Interest Rate Mortgage
If you are currently on a Tracker Interest Rate Mortgage and your interest rate is tracking the ECB Base Rate, you will shortly receive a further notification in writing with information on the latest ECB Base Rate change and what this change will mean for you.

Standard Variable Rate Mortgage
Standard Variable Rates are subject to change, meaning that the interest rate can go up or down based on a variety of factors determined by your Lender. In light of the current market conditions, including the recent increases applied by the European Central Bank to the ECB Base Rate, Pepper will be increasing Standard Variable Rates over the coming months on Loans we service as the Lender. You will be notified in advance if there are any changes to your Standard Variable Rate and what this change will mean for you.

You will find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) here to help you understand what these Interest Rate Increases might mean for you.

Withdrawal of Retail Banks from the Irish Market

If you are currently in the process of closing the current account your mortgage Direct Debit is paid from, you will need to update your Direct Debit so it is paid from your new current account. If you have not commenced the process to switch your current account, we would encourage you to engage with your retail bank to do this as soon as possible.

Information on switching bank accounts is available on the Citizens Information website

If you have queries in relation to your Direct Debit, please contact the Customer Support Team for Residential Loans on 0818 818 181 and for Commercial Loans on 0818 818 798.


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