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Welcome to Pepper Ireland

Pepper Ireland is a leading asset manager and provider of third-party loan and advisory services. Established in September 2012, the company has operations in Dublin and Shannon, employing over 300 people.

Pepper has over €12 billion of loan and commercial real estate assets under management. These are comprised of commercial real estate portfolios and residential mortgages, as well as personal, small and medium enterprise (SME) and auto loans.  

Pepper in Ireland is part of the Pepper Group, a diversified, global financial services business. Pepper Group focuses on three key disciplines across the residential and commercial property sectors: Lending, Advisory and Asset Management. Pepper Group is headquartered in Australia, where it has been operating since 2001.

Pepper, Shoreline and Danske* customers can click here to login to "MyPepper" to view account balances, complete an SFS or I&E online, make a payment and access other relevant information.
*Danske customers – MyPepper is only available for the mortgage on your home.

Pepper provides leading asset management, loan servicing and advisory services to a variety of clients. We manage more than €12 billion in loans and assets in the residential and commercial markets.

You should talk to us as soon as possible if your financial situation has changed and you are struggling to pay your mortgage.

You will find contact information, booklets and forms here if you are a Danske Bank customer.
If you have a mortgage on your home, see MyPepper above for online services in relation to your account.

For contact information, booklets and forms, click here.

Select MyPepper above to view your account balance, complete a SFS or I&E form online, and to access other relevant information.

You will find contact information, booklets and forms here if you do not have a mortgage or loan with Pepper, Danske Bank or Shoreline.

Where Pepper is servicing your mortgage on behalf of Bank of Scotland, your lender, you can access their website here Click here