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Residential Mortgages

In addition to the mortgages Pepper own, we service mortgages on behalf of third parties. 

A residential mortgage can be for your home or an investment/buy-to-let (BTL) property. For any loan you have, if you fall behind in your repayments, and as a result your account is in arrears, or you are concerned about falling behind in your repayments, contact us as soon as possible. 

If your mortgage is a primary residence and if it is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears (CCMA) applies. While the owner of your mortgage may not be a regulated entity, Pepper is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to undertake credit servicing.

What is a Primary Residence?

Your primary residence is usually your home. It is the property which is your main residence in the State or is the only residential property in the State owned by you.

What is a Buy-to-Let?

A buy-to-let (BTL) is a property let for residential purposes and is not considered to be your primary residence, unless it is the only residential property in the State owned by you.

Please contact us if you have a query about your mortgage or you are struggling to pay it. 

Pepper’s team is here to help if you are struggling with the repayments on your primary residence or home mortgage. We are available to discuss your circumstances and to work with you to find a solution to resolve the problem.

It is important that you talk to us or seek advice as soon as possible if you are struggling with the repayments on your buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage.

We need to understand your financial situation in order to find an appropriate solution if you have financial difficulties. Please contact Pepper’s team to find out what you need to do.

Please visit the Contact Us section of our website if you are looking for additional information relating to your mortgage.

Here you will find information about charges or fees you may incur, details about the impact on your credit rating if you fall behind on your mortgage repayments and regulatory warnings in relation to your mortgage.

You will find relevant information here if you have a Pepper mortgage and you are experiencing financial difficulties. Please visit the relevant section of this website if your mortgage is with another lender and is being serviced by Pepper.